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A must-listen New Rap Single: Take a Trip into the Mind of Monstah357.

Personally, I feel a lot more hip hop/rap artists need to tap in deeper into their emotions and the real-life experiences that they deal with on the regular. In my opinion, it allows them to be more in tune with their fans and supporters. with Monstah’s new release “Let tha beat ride’, he created an authentic and relatable vibe. a sit back and analyze type ordeal. I heard the improvement of his lyrics and storytelling skills. i know this song will have you connected on a deeper level, and put some personal life situations in perspective. This single shows his growth and determination not only to be a great rap artist but a man, businessman, person, ect. ect

Monstah357 is here to establish a stronger connection with his audience. He is also here to inspire, motivate, and grow with his audience. i feel like Monstah’s emotions and life experiences helps Monstah create music that is so grungy but real. Monstah hasn’t missed yet. Every time he drops, it’s straight heat. Monstah got more projects on the way. The Principle is a single that drops later this month including fellow artist Maxx Osama and T.O LeStat, their group the Goonies. Monstah also has two eps he got lined up to drop. one has been the awaiting project Kreatures Of The Night and ep called Isolation. I can’t wait to see what this determined artist gives us next!

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